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Hidalgo Capital is a treasured secret weapon for any potential and existing investor’s .A complex business environment requires a strategic look on the businesses to guarantee survival which is the base of Hidalgo’s existence.
“Seeing through the eyes of an eagle” is our slogan.
With clear vision and strategy even businesses can look through the sun rays.
Hidalgo Capital stages itself in the impossibilities and transitions of businesses during their emergence, life times and reviving their existence in the untimely threats of collapse.
Incorporated by Young and Talented entrepreneurs, Hidalgo raises the flag for potential and initiative to combat the ever growing unemployment fueled by adverse economic times. Hidalgo Group umbrellas the following:
• Soko investments
• Soko directory
• Sabi Investments
• East African Bill Boards
• Sobike Solutions
• The Team Builder- Magazine
• Hidalgo Capital
Hidalgo Capital therefore bases its specialty on the three vital aspects of business:
Knowing, planning and finishing well through the following service pack:

A systematic gathering, recording, and analysis of data about issues relating to the marketing of products and services, business intelligence, consumer insights, legal research into the registration of businesses in different sectors .This entails analysis of financial platforms of various sectors of the economy and the investment feasibility to a certain the trends and be able to predict performance in the near future and weather it’s worth the risk of investment by various or different types of investors.
This unique venture focuses mainly on the base root all investors rely on: “Information”
We believe that a market/ investment without accurate, timely information is a market/ investment that is doomed to fail since all decisions will be based on inaccurate and irrelevant information from unqualified sources.
Show us a market with no information and we show you the downfall of all investments, Calamity in entire business network and misleading forecasts based on past trends.
Market Research captures the areas of:
• Capital markets,
• Business Startups
• Business intelligence needed to beat the completion,
• Mergers and takeovers
• Business consultancy on the investment patterns in various sectors of the economy

This is an inexpensive marketing tool that helps solidify customer relationships.
There is strength in a company profile which is the first impression to any clients. An emotional as well as a logical connection with the clients through communicating with them in a way that leads them to value and trust your brand is a delicate processes and a great asset to the company.
We write company profiles that can help you deliver multiple messages, a practice seldom facilitated by traditional above-the-line marketing tools. You have complete control over the media and the message, which gives you tremendous flexibility. With an industry report you can deliver information of value to clients in a credible and non-threatening environment free from competing messages.

Market Intelligence:
This is the information relevant to a company’s markets, gathered and analyzed specifically for the purpose of accurate and confident decision-making in determining market opportunity, market penetration strategy, and market development metrics.
Organizationally, Market Intelligence can be the name of the department that performs both the market intelligence and competitor analysis roles.
This specialty on intelligence is divided into:
• Competitive intelligence: describes the broader discipline of researching, analyzing and formulating data and information from the entire competitive environment of any organization.
• Business intelligence: of any kind may also be their responsibility, in tandem with (or solely performed by) the Finance department, for measuring market share and setting growth targets, the
• Mergers and Acquisition :group for exploring acquisition opportunities, the Legal department to protect the organization's assets or
• Research and Development: for cross-company comparison of innovation trends and the discovery of opportunities through innovative differentiation
If an organization wants to be close to the market it needs to fully understand it, including the roles that the competitors and customers play there.
Hidalgo therefore summarizes the potential and continuity of business through the Following aspects
• Market and customer orientation – promote external focus
• Identification of new opportunities – e.g. identify new trends before our markets and competitors
• Early warning of competitor moves – enable counter measures
• Minimizing investment risks – detect threats and trends early on
• Better customer interaction – inherit intensified customer market view
• Better market selection & positioning – understand where your offer fits and discover untapped or under-served potential
• Quicker, more efficient and cost-effective information – avoid duplication of report acquisitions and expensive consultant work
Being an SME, the Hidalgo Group has placed great emphasis on backing other small and medium Enterprises in a bid to help them grow through provision of quality and affordable information for decision making and decision support. This presents an enormous challenge since Small and Medium Enterprises are the new economic drivers.

Hidalgo’s team of young, talented and ambitious staff is always on the move striving for higher achievement in this competitive environment and takes the initiative to inspire and grow this talent:

To facilitate the growth of economies through provision of quality information, guidance and nurturing of budding talent to full bloom and maturity in the financial, legal and information technology environment. The nurturing of ideas from nothing to wheels of wealth creation.
“Information” is the ultimate Asset for any investor.
Hidalgo makes this your advantage. Technology just makes your advantage possible.
This package entails:
• Media Analysis
Information, Law and Finance is reflected through the media in form of
Print analysis: This includes bulletins, newspaper
Television and Radio guides
A complex business environment requires that an investor is fully armed.

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